About Us

Queen Fashion Malaysia (QFM) offers a versatile range of high quality, elegantly designed modern Muslimah fashion at affordable prices, catering to Muslim women from all walks of life, from different continents of the world.


Our brand is synonymous with simple elegance that remains respectful of the community’s religious values. A Malaysian business operating out of Kuala Lumpur, QFM is committed towards providing classy Muslimah fashion that’s easily accessible worldwide.


The Collection

Our unique designs are carefully crafted by in-house designers to ensure your total comfort and effortless elegance at all occasions ﹘ work, formal events, leisure and everyday activities. Drawing inspiration from contemporary Korean and Indonesian fashion, our collection features fluid lines and modern detailing to highlight your graceful feminine attributes in an attractive yet modest fashion.


With specially handpicked fabrics to ensure the best quality possible, you will feel as amazing as you look.