What is Drop shipping

What is Dropshipping or Agent a.k.a Queenie?

Drop shipping is a business sales method in which the retailer / agent does not need to keep goods in stock. Agent do not need to spend any money on keeping stock and still can sell the goods through the source from supplier and make money from it.


How does it works?

Queenie can promote the items that offered by QFM to their preferred platform (Facebook, Instagram, Website etc)

When Queenie get order / sales from their platform, they just need to head over the QFM website and place the order and make payment based on their Queenie discount status. Queenie needs to fill in their customer shipping information and QFM will responsible to ship the item to customer.  



How to fill in order and shipping info?




Shipping Fees

Rates for the shipping are same no matter which Queenie status. The fees are as below

Note: Shipping fees may change depends on courier partner you choose

Dropship Agent Level


How to register as our Queenie agent?

Please click this http://bit.ly/QueenieEN and fill in the form.

11 Reason Why to Join Our Dropship Program

  1. We have all ready stock to ship out once the order is made
  2. We will never disclose you and your customer information
  3. Shipment to your customer will not have our information in it.
  4. New design are updated frequently
  5. Fast shipment, we process order up to 5 times daily, and cut-off time will be at 3pm
  6. Serious support team are ready to answer your question
  7. High profit rate
  8. Work from home at your own pace, we do not control your time and business.
  9. Its is free to join our dropship program
  10. Free Shipping for order more than RM80
  11. Annual year end incentives for top performing agent


Terms & Condition / Frequent Ask & Answer

Do QFM provide customer service to my customer?

No, QFM will only act as supplier that will only deal with agent, any question and issue regarding the order must be deal from agent


How long can we stay as agent?

As long as you join our dropship program, you will have access to our website. However, admin have the right to deactivate the agent account if found that agent account is inactive or violence/offence to QFM terms.


How much should we be selling in our platform

QFM will give a direction of retail price (RP), however to protect other agent, you are not allowed to give discount more than 10% off the retail price


Can we combine few order to achieve RM80 to enjoy free shipping?

RM80 free shipping are calculated in 1 receipt and will only send out as 1 parcel, Unless the few order are in the same address, we will consider it as 1 order.


What happen if item received by customer are found defect?

QFM provide 14 days return policy, once you received the issue, kindly fill in return form and return the product.


What is the refund method?

Refund will be made in the terms of cash voucher for next purchase, and if agent really do not want to purchase anymore, write an email to admin@queenfashion.com.my to request a cash refund


How long is the shipping takes

Every order payment made before 3pm will be process on the same day, exclude weekend and public holiday. Depends on the courier service agent choose, it normally takes 2 - 3 working days for west malaysia and 4 - 5 working days for east malaysia


Can i request QFM to put in our name card or free gift?

Yes, we will have this service for Platinum Queenie. And the shipping fee are charged for heavy item


What if I still have other question that are not covered?

Please send in your question to info@queenfashion.com.my


How to register as our Queenie agent?

Please click this "Dropship Registration" and fill in the form.